Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where in the world is Nate going on his mission?

So Nate has had his mission papers in for about 1 1/2 now, and we're expecting a call in the mail any day now (probably Thursday/Friday.) We've recently asked people where he's going, and here is what everyone is guessing. The person who guesses the closest gets their own mailable treat sent to them- or, if it's not mailable, we'll find some food-hitchhiking way to get it to them.

Joseph White says Ecuador
Alice White says Georgia
Isabella White says Spain
Alexandria White says Mexico
Hannah White says Nebraska
Victoria White says Tennessee
Kendra Cluff says Italy
the Steeles says Rapid City, SD
Jason Logan says California
Jared Logan says Europe
Tyler Logan says Afganistan (is that even possible?)
Julie Logan says Romania
Tim Logan says Florida Spanish-speaking
Candee Coverley says New Hampshire
Rod Coverley says California
Daniel Coverley says Maine
Jr. Coverley says Brazil
Jackson Coverley says New York
Lisa Robison says Alabama
Susan Weimer says Ohio
J.D. Griffith says Rome, Italy
Shawna Woodworth says Finland; Birmingham, Alabama; or Billiings, Montana
Jed Woodworth says Japan, Denmark, Mexico, or the "best mission", Morristown, New Jersey.
Ben's Woodworth says Utah
Jane Woodworth says "Uhh hhh" (Utah)
Kendra Gardner says China- then, on second thought, she said "Colorado."
Katy Gardner says Canada
Mark Gardner says Ukraine
Grampa Gardner says Texas El Paso spanish speaking
Grandma Gardner says Monterray Mexico

It's not to late to make your guess- feel free to email us.

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