Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Sears (Willis) Tower...tallest building in America!

We had a great visit to Chicago and were able to see the sights as well as visit a lot of Brenda's siblings.

Buckingham fountain at picture, hugh...

Tallest Building in the U.S....and you are stepping out onto a glass ledge at about 1300 feet above the street below!

View from the top of the Sears/Willis Tower


  1. What a great family picture. That one looks like a good Christmas card to me.

  2. Dallin says that the glass that they stepped on at the top of the Sear's tower needs to be 15 feet thick! Fun trip.

  3. I saw something on the news about that ledge. Was it just crazy to think about an inch and a half piece of glass and 1300 feet of air is the only thing between you and the gound? I dont think I could step out on that!
    That fountain was beautiful too!
    ~ Katy