Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lotsa Company!

Lotsa Company
We’ve discovered that one reason we might have not ever had so many visitors in the past is because we’ve always lived in South Dakota. This summer we experienced our first real batch of company: Starting June 29th, we had company staying with us every week/or weekend until we left on our vacation the 1st of August. After our vacation, we had 3 more rounds of company. It was great fun! The following is our list of visitors: Wk 1: The Whites (great friends from used to be Lubbock, then Brookings, now SLC) Wk 2: The Olsens (Zach’s best friend from SD) Wk 3: The Francis’ (our kid’s best friends from SD) Wk 4: Eric and Ronda and family (Brenda’s brother from Texas) Wk 5: Mike and Christi and family (Brenda’s brother from Nauvoo) Week 6: Shawna and Sandra (Brenda's sisters) with Sandra's 3 girls. Week 7: The Whites visit again from SLC. Week 8: Kevin Gardner (Scott's brother) who came up to run a half marathon. Week 9: The Whites come up for another visit at BYU-I. Hopefully more of you will come and play with us!
Scott's brother, Kevin, after winning his division of the Mesa Falls 1/2 marathon.

Sandra's Daughter Sophie with Frodo. Here she's feeding him one piece of dogfood at a time. He was eating it up! (Literally!)

Mike and Christi's children (Brenda's brother is Mike) visit with our kids Friends from Brookings the Francis' and the Godfreys (Godfreys live in Rexburg now)

Zach's best friend John Olsen from Brookings.

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  1. So much fun! Aren't you glad you moved? We love having you closer too.