Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camping and hiking
After spending last summer primarily building our home, then moving into it (late August), and the first of this summer working hard on the yard, we decided we should actually have some fun. The last days of THIS August were filled with the following:

First Backpacking Trip:
None of our family, including the scouts (!) have ever been backpacking, except for Brenda when she was in Highschool. We experienced our first family backpacking trip a few weeks ago. We learned a few things:
1. Never use a “general” list of things to pack when you’re backpacking.
Our experienced friends who went with us has very much lighter packs than we did! Brenda’s ended up weighing over 35 pounds, Scott’s was close to 40! Mind you, this was an overnight backpacking trip!
2. Make sure your youngest’s backpack is virtually empty before you leave.
Mom and friends ended up carrying Zach’s backpack most of the way back down!
3. Don’t forget to put a doggy pack on your dog if you are crazy enough to bring him!
Since we didn’t have a dog-sitter, we brought the dog along! He did great, having much more energy than we did on the way up. On the way back, however, he went with the fast group….ended up tossing his cookies (or dog-food in this case) and being carried the last mile down by Scott. Next time, we think we’ll let him pack in his own food on his own back.

First Hike to the Tetons
On Labor Day, rather than labor, we actually did something fun for a change! We woke up at 4 a.m., drove to the bottom of table rock (near the Tetons) and hiked over 13 miles to get to a wonderful view of the Tetons. We went with new friends—Zach and the other boy his age went back down early with his mom after the first of the hike was a little more strenuous than expected. The rest of us persevered—although, be warned: Near the top of the table rock is STRAIGHT UP. It was definitely “extreme” near the top!

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