Sunday, February 7, 2010

A boy and his dog

Those of you who have met Frodo know that he is a very spoiled dog. We got Frodo in April for Zach's birthday--he turns one year old on the 11th of February. Zach loves Frodo. He can often be found at the computer, holding his dog. The first thing Zach does every morning is find the dog and hug him (then he finds mom and hugs her!) Frodo is a very good dog--doesn't bark, whine, beg (for the most part) obeys (more or less) and has a little personality that is really lovable. Of course, he'd be even better if we were more consistent--but hey, that we have a dog is really miraculous! Brenda has been surprised at how much she enjoys babying a dog who keeps her company daily.

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