Sunday, February 7, 2010

Party Hearty

We've been trying to get Matt to have a party for a few months--after all, that was the point of getting a large house. A few weeks ago, Matt came to us saying he wanted to have a party! Great! He wanted to serve dinner and make it an evening. So we're thinking, "10-12 people, that'll work." The day before the party, he asks if 25 people will work. Will be tough with dinner...long story shorter, 33 people attended party! (Friends of friends ended up coming, rides ended up staying, etc.) And we did serve dinner. It was the parable of the fishes all over again! Here are some candid shots from the party.

Note: Those of you who have slept in our guest room might notice that we have it temporarily converted over to our ping pong room. Now that we have a basketball court/soccer court, we needed a place for our ping pong table. It fills our guest room nicely--don't worry, when you come we'll convert it back to a guest room, i.e. with bed.

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